Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Best Kids Party Ideas

Creating the perfect children’s party can be tough business. A simple gathering of children with sweet treats just won’t do anymore – especially when we think about how big themed parties becoming the norm. Even if you do have the money to spend on all things lavish, it doesn’t guarantee everyone will be entertained. At the heart of it all, it’s all about having fun with your friends, so we’ve got the best kids party ideas to give everyone something to remember.

Teddy bear party – This is a great one for kids of all ages that still give you huge variety in what you actually decide to do. Go all out and 10 no sewing and no fuss bear making kits. They keep children entertained making their own special bear that they can take home and treasure. Ask the kids to bring their favourite soft toys along to show and share or even go bear mad with the decorations.

Build a fort – We all have fond memories of building our secret hideout as children. Why not dig out a few bedsheets and build one or two forts right in the living room. When you’re finished, eat your treats in the fort or even have a sleepover party in them!

Activity day - Fun days out for the children will always give them something to remember. There’s so much choice, particularly in the activity hub of North Wales. Why not have a climbing party with all your friends? Many climbing centres now facilitate children’s parties providing them with fun and colourful courses to test out their abilities and build character. Bounce Below, based in Blaenau Ffestiniog offer fun days out letting you bounce your way through an underground world of nets, lights and  music.

Craft Party – A firm favourite for girls but boys can certainly get involved too with the huge range of unisex kits out there. For as little as £30 you can buy giant, complete wristband kits online which will keep children entertained for hours. If you’re feeling really creative why not decorate your own trinket, make your own bag or even build and decorate your own birdhouse. This idea can get a bit messy but it’s one that’s guaranteed to be loved by all.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Chossing the right Kennels for you Four Legged Pal

Kennels in Rhyl have always been the perfect option for helping your pets have a residence outside the family home. Although it may not seem necessary for many dog owners, it can have some advantages when compared with having your canine stay inside all the time.

It’s important to consider that Dogs, as living, breathing animals require a safe and warm place to reside, this means that any externally based abode needs to be built with adequate insulation, and that if the weather conditions outside are unsuitable that appropriate action is taken; ie, the hound is allowed inside the house. 

Choosing a kennel is no task to be rushed, to run out and buy the first or cheapest kennel you can see would be a fool’s error and could have an impact on the life of your dog.

Wooden, metal and plastic kennels all have their arguments, but all offer different benefits. Wooden kennels look attractive, are good insulators providing they have a waterproofed roof which will withstand the season’s wrath.

Plastic kennels are another option, if you have a dog which likes to chew things, and are fundamentally waterproof. Metal kennels offer another choice, so long as the metal has been coated it wont rust quickly, and provid the dog with years of use.
The kennel needs a opening which is big enough for the do
g to enter and leave easily, but is not so big that it will let too much of the elements within. There needs also to allow the pet to get snug and warm at the far end of the kennel where it will be sheltered sufficiently. 
Remember, if one of the reasons that you want the dog to live outside the house is the fact that they’re… messy, well the story is still the same out here, you need to be able to access your kennel so you can regularly clean out the kennel, refresh the dog’s bedding make sure they haven’t made too much of a mess!

If you are going away, remember just because your dog now has it’s own house doesn’t mean you can leave it alone. Those who dwell in North Wales will be pleased to hear that there are some excellent boarding kennels in Abergele available.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Best Toy Comebacks of 2016

The retro toys of yesteryear that are still being favoured over the all singing, all dancing toys of today. In fact, there are toys that are making come back even since their last big appearance over 40 years ago.  Some things just don’t go out of fashion, just like the teddy bear which now available in bear making kits along with a range of teddy bear clothing. Take a look at the biggest nostalgic comebacks of the last decade, making their way back into our shelves as nostalgic toy icons.

Be My Bear – The classic teddy bear has always been a firm favourite for young children in particular but now you can just as easily make your own. You can buy your easy-build kit which is perfectly suitable for younger children with a no sew, no fuss approach to bear building. The kit includes the bear itself, stuffing, a wishing star, birth certificate and adventure passport.

SodaStream – Invented all the way back in 1955 but most popular in the 70’s and 80’s, the Soda Stream made its way back onto our shelves in 2010 after a world-wide relaunch. This exciting little gadget lets you become your own carbonated drink producer, choosing from either the Sodastream flavours or by making your own creation. Even if you’re simply a fan of carbonated water, the Soda Stream is a worthy investment, saving unnecessary expense and plastic waste.

Nintendo Classic mini – The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) is the pinnacle of gaming nostalgia for most. Today, serious gamers (the majority of whom came from the 80’s era of gaming) will have fond memories of this definitive gaming console. Nintendo now brings you the Classic mini, a modern miniature version, resembling the original colour  and design.  It comes complete with 30 of the NES games built-in, including PAC-MAN, Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros).  

My little Pony –The popular toy horse was established in the 80’s under the brand ‘My Pretty Pony’. The toy is well distinguished; a colourful ten-inch horse with long locks of hair. Since the 80’s the brand has been re-established under the ‘My Little Pony’, even more colour has been added to the mix! The toys now even come with headwear, shoes and outfits.

Jurassic Park and TMNT – New movies based on the original 80’s iconic films have been hitting our screens since 2015. With this, a new launch of the of famous figurines have been favorited. Even the Dr. Martens boot company have introduced a line in 2016, especially dedicated to TMNT using the tell-tale colours of each character’s headgear and glow in the dark paint to give that  secret special feature to the iconic boot.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A Brief History of Teddy Bears

They are the toys we’ve come to know and love above all others, notably the classic teddy bear. Dating back to 1902, the beloved novelty toys took over store shelves and now we simply can’t get enough of them. Of course, not only bear shaped we can have them in any shape and colour we like not to mention, ‘build a bear’ kits. Let’s discover a brief history of the bear and how we’ve come to love them so much. 

According to the Dorset Teddy Bear Museum, the teddy bear came about, from the events when President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting in Mississippi (1902).  Having been unable to shoot a bear for the entire trip, the hunting party tied a bear to a tree in desperation for the president to be able to make his kill. When Theodore Roosevelt arrived at the scene, he refused to shoot the bear as he considered it to be unsportsmanlike. To mark these events, two shopkeepers; Morris and Rose Michom created a plush bear toy for their window, naming it ‘Teddy’s Bear’ after seeing the famous newspaper cartoon illustrating the events.

Around the same time, Richard Steiff came up with a new toy design based on the bear he saw at the zoo whilst working with his aunt Margarete Steiff. This design then went into production around the 1902-1903 period. An American buyer thought they were fantastic and 3000 shipped over to the US. Thus, the teddy bear craze was born.

Nothing like we have today, the first teddy bears were often made with mohair; goat hair with wool mixture. Inside you would have found excelsior packing or ‘wood wool’. This meant they were quite heavy not at all alike today's push toys. For eyes, the bears used black leather shoe buttons which could easily be torn away.  The toys often resembled figures by the way their arms and legs could be moved to make the bear sit or stand. By today’s standards, we wouldn't consider them a bedside friend at all. Yet it comes to show how well loved the classic bear is, that even over a century later they are still such a cherished toy – being recreated and adapted continuously to keep up with modern times. There certainly aren’t many other toys that have stood the test of time like in the same way as the class

Thursday, August 04, 2016

Wales’ Best Kept Secret

We’re rather large fans of the finer things in life, and our holidays are, of course, one of them. We’ve found as of late UK holidays seem to be quite an emerging Thing, and at first we were in disbelief. British holidays conjure images of gigantic, faceless holiday parks with caravans arranged in rows as far as the eye can see, spits of sand heaving with deckchairs and sunburnt revellers, and £10 holiday deals from tabloid newspapers. While we’re not exactly ones to knock that sort of holiday, it’s certainly not our thing. We like our extras – be them fluffy robes, wonderful toiletries, or individually styled suites. A British Caravan Holiday is not that. Imagine our surprise when we found a number of very high quality hotels in Conwy, which provide romantic retreats which are fantastic experiences, even if the Welsh weather doesn’t cooperate.

At the heart of North Wales lies the Groes Inn- Apparently the oldest inn in Wales- possessive of all the oldy-timey charm you’d expect from a Welsh character building. Wrapped in aged vines, the Groes Inn strikes a very pretty picture from the outside with it’s hanging baskets, matching outdoor furniture and expansive gardens. Yet we felt a vague sense of dread. While historically, the quaint cottage look, with wooden beams, gigantic fireplaces and spoons on the wall is very… Welsh (when on holiday in Wales, can you expect more?) We’re not fans. We like double-glazing, for a start.

We were relieved to find that the Groes Inn’s High Cabin is anything but traditional. We were given the keys to the building and a map to the secluded log cabin, which is on the side of a particularly pretty section of the Welsh Hillside. We found the views stunning, ancient woodlands providing quite the view alongside the rolling valleys and peaks of the middle of Snowdonia. The feeling is spectacular. You’re entirely and completely alone. And truthfully, it’s wonderful.

The cabin’s comforts are myriad and many. Our favourites included the kingsize bed, a gorgeous bathroom that’s indeed, capable of producing hot water regardless of the cabin’s remote location, a very well-stocked kitchen, a very handsomely decorated lounge, some recent DVDs for when you just don’t want to move, as well as some rather lovely toiletries. Our absolute favourite was the hot tub. It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. Heated to 37°C, we found it wonderful for stargazing, and of course drinking champagne from the High Cabin’s fully-stocked kitchen.

This is absolutely not a typical holiday in North Wales. You won’t find yourself elbowing through people at the beach, or standing in line in a tatty hotel, wondering if the carpets are older than you. This is modern, this is new, and the best kept secret in Wales ensures that it truly feels that you’re the only people in the world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Best Toy kits of 2016

Build your own toy kits are all the rage in keeping your children preoccupied. Not only does it keep their minds engaged, it also allows children to have a creative output. In all likelihood, it’s something your child will really remember taking joy out of the building process before playing
with the toy itself. Bear making kits and accessories, home computers and build your own games are hitting the shelves this summer. Here’s our top picks from The Luxury Lifestyle Blog.

Build your own bear
It can be difficult finding build a toy kits for young children. But there is no sewing ‘bear making kits’ out there that are perfectly suitable for children to build without an adult having to intervene on the fun. These bears make great party gifts and activities for groups of children. You can accessorise your favourite bear as you please and build the perfect wardrobe for your bear.

Grow it yourself
For children that are a little older, crystal growing kits have been a firm favourite for the last decade. It helps children to learn the science behind crystal growing. Other kits include grow your own plants, which are great for children who want to learn more about the outdoors!

DIY pinball machine  
These table top, cardboard pinball machines have proved a hit over the past year. Apart from being a fun game that never gets boring – it comes as a completely blank canvas. You can design your own game and add your own obstacles to create your own customised experience.  It comes with everything you need. Just colour in, assemble and play!

Raspberry PI
This Linux computer; an open source operating system around the size of a credit card shows you just how great technology is. Connect it to your tv monitor and to a keyboard and you have fully equipped, very affordable home computer.

Build your own bot
This is a great option for children of all ages as the choice out there is so diverse. ‘BrushBots’ are fantastic for showing kits the very basics of robotics. The ‘BrushBot’ uses the head of a toothbrush as its body and the bristles act as its legs. When you stick on the micro paper motors and cell batteries, the bristles vibrate and bounce along which is great entertainment. You can also go for an obstacle avoiding bot which you construct from scratch. Its little arms are connected to switches that, when come into contact with an obstacle will turn the bot around and speed away from them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Best Children's Party Ideas of 2016

Garden Party

With big themed bashes marking the key trend of the last decade for children’s parties, it seems choosing the right entertainment for the right price can be a challenging task. Gone are the days when jelly and ice-cream would do, blasting some fun songs from the cassette player. Today, themed parties from cakes to cups, decorations and entertainment must scream something to remember. Of course, if you haven’t done any of this before, choosing the right theme and party food can be quite the task without going overboard. Whether it's teddy bear making kits, crafts or baking, here are some great but cost effective ideas for your party.

Teddy Bear Party
For younger children, this kind of party is an easy one to do as it means you don’t have to be so picky when it comes to the food and decorations. Bear-making kits are an affordable and very memorable way for children to entertain themselves come rain or shine. Instead of doing party bags, the bear would offer something much better to remember and will last so much longer. Today, bear making kits are very child friendly, letting them build without supervision. You can even ask the children to bring their favourite bear along to give them something to share. For food, bear crisps, bear head sandwiches and gummy bears for treats.

Craft Party
A craft party is a particularly affordable way to theme a party. Instead of the norm of colour pens and paper, now would be great time to think outside the box. Jewellery boxes, pottery and ‘make your own’ jewellery are easy to source. For this, you’ll need to plan ahead and shop around as it means buying lots of little bits. However, it’s all worth it when you seeing the kids having so much fun letting their little characters and personalities run wild.

Scavenger or Treasure Hunt
A favourite for boys and girls is the treasure hunt party. Hide their leaving gifts (instead of party bags) around the garden and the ground floor of the house and watch the kids entertain them themselves. It adds a lucky dip feel to gifts when they have no idea what they’re looking for. If you want to make it competitive, you can split the party into two teams, with two prizes. They’ll race against each other to find their prize first (but they’ll both get a prize at the end of it).

A Baking Party
Prepare all the ingredients in advance and arrange into neat and easy amounts for cupcakes. Get the children involved in mixing up all the ingredients and putting them into trays before playing party games when they’re baking and cooling. Afterwards the real fun begins; you cans ask each child to decorate a cake to take home. Get in plenty of colourful icing, sweet toppings like strawberry laces and chocolate buttons etc. and the kids do their own thing!