Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Why You Should Always Use Natural Dog Shampoo

Not all pet owners know their pet’s skin is actually very sensitive and pet shampoos which contain perfumes and other chemicals can leave your pets skin feeling quite uncomfortable. In fact, some of the most common pet shampoos will advise not to use on puppies or on pets with skin problems for this very reason.
Certain breeds in particular are prone to skin conditions, which mean that they might extra care and attention to what ingredients are being used. In fact, your safest and most convenient option is to natural with your grooming products which contain better quality ingredients which your pet is more likely to get on well with.
Natural pet shampoo is a really effective product in removing all the dirt and grime, without totally stripping the skin of its natural protective oil. Natural dog shampoo by ‘Lila Loves It’ for example, are ph. balanced which also include natural oils and botanicals that will help your pooches’ coat healthy, glossy and smelling lovely. This brand in particular has attained certification for the NPS Label (Natural Product Standard), offering great reassurance to pet wonders. ‘Lila Loves It’ also produces a first aid ointment for pets with sore, red or itchy skin, making it fantastic brand to trust in for your pet’s needs.
Another brand to consider might be the ‘Hownd itch Relief Dog Shampoo’ and body mist. Again, is a ph balanced product which should help you to avoid harsh reactions in sensitive pooches. It contains Oat kernel and argan oil alongside Aloe Vera leaf juice to soothe and hydrate skin whist the rose, orange and bergamot essential oils leave behind a fresh fragrance.
Pepe loves also supplies a range of grooming products to go along with your Natural Pet Shampoo. You’ll be able to purchase your natural bristle brushes or even metal bristles in line with your pet’s needs. Take a look at their range today and find the perfect product to suite your dog’s sensitive skin.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

What to Look For in a Wedding Venue in North Wales

Planning a wedding is considered one of the most stressful things you’ll do in your lifetime. There can be a lot of pressure, to make the day absolutely perfect and one to remember forever. Unfortunately, the big day comes with quite the price tag, so you need to be sure that you’re getting the best for your money.

On site accommodation – One of the first things you should look for in wedding venues Snowdonia, is onsite accommodation for your wedding party. Talhenbont Hall for example, offers a range of rooms in the Hall itself, as well as in the other onsite cottages. Being self-catered, they allow guests to use their space how they please and tailor the day to suit your arrangements.

Grounds – Never underestimate the value of beautiful grounds at your potential venue, as they have the ability to make or break the big day. Your guests will most likely want to enjoy the outside or immediate grounds of your wedding venue, whether it’s glorious or not. Beautiful grounds will only add value to your b

Cater for Both Ceremony and Reception – Of course this one might not be for everyone, but for those who might not desire a church wedding, being able to have your ceremony and reception at the same venue can be a huge plus. Your guests won’t need to arrange travel from one place to another and it means you’ll have the luxury of being able relax on the day, knowing everything you need will be close by.

Food & Drink – A venue that is able to arrange and manage your catering offers great reassurance to those who might be concerned about having to book everything separately. You want to know that the caterer will be experienced in delivering an exceptional meal (and experience) on the day and are able to meet the standard that the venue sets.

ig day and give you some beautiful wedding photos.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Glamping In Snowdonia

Glamping - a combination of the words Glamourous and Camping, and has been met positively since its inception some years ago. It’s not difficult to see why. The UK, after all, provides some of the very best camping sites in the world, thanks to protected land such as National Parks providing some very gorgeous scenery. Otherwise, the UK in itself provides all the familiarity you need to really enjoy time away from home.

While indeed you're on holiday, you're not in a far flung area of the world, and that's what makes local camping and glamping Snowdonia so viable. Yes, your surroundings are gorgeous. Yes, your camping itself is fabulous. But should the mood strike, you can get into the car and hop off for a cheeky pint in civilisation if need be.

Take Ogwen Bank, a very high-end glamping paradise in Snowdonia, for instance. With acres upon acres of absolutely unspoiled woodland, a view of the River Ogwen that's incredibly envied, and the space between you and your campmates you truly need in order to appreciate the outdoors without feeling that you're jammed in, too close to each other and with absolutely no privacy at all, you'll be able to truly enjoy the surroundings at Ogwen Bank.

Ogwen Bank’s clubhouse provides a rather great little retreat, in order to pop away for a pint, as well as enjoy the social aspect of time away from home. The Ogwen Bank clubhouse also provides a variety of very hearty food which is both attractively presented, and absolutely delicious.

But enough about food and surroundings, you say. What about where you're actually staying?
This is the best of it all. Ogwen Bank have a variety of S-Pods, which are the glamping standard for others to follow. These tiny little cubes are very well designed, providing just the amount of space you need, but also containing a double bed, a kitchen, a bathroom, electricity, Wi-Fi -- and incredibly all have a hot tub outside which can be powered on and set to go even in the most frigid of the North Wales winds.

When it comes to glamping in Snowdonia – there’s only one real choice if you want it all. Give Ogwen Bank a go, you certainly won’t regret it.

A Guide to Aerating Your Wine

When you buy a bottle of wine it’s so easy to crack it open on a special occasion and drink it straight away. Most people know that most red wines (and even some white wines) need aerating to allow for better flavour. But what does this mean exactly? Well, it means letting your South African red wine ‘breathe’ before drinking. Exposure to oxygen will open up the flavour and body of the wine, so that you can enjoy the full flavour and aroma, as intended by the producer.

This doesn’t just mean opening the lid of the bottle prior to drinking – No, your wine will need more exposure than this get the full effect. An easy solution would be your table decanter. This is a wide glass vessel that is designed to allow your wine to get maximum exposure to air. Today’s decanters are quite decorative and make elegant centrepieces. Pour in the entire bottle and let it breathe at least 20 minutes before drinking.

There are plenty of aerating gadgets on the market that will allow for speedier aeration. An Aerator Pourer for example, is a great way to aerate your wine by the glass; great if you only want the single glass. As you pour wine through this small device, its swirls around at a high velocity to allow air bubbles to flow through the wine.

You can even buy aerating wine glasses which work in a similar way to the separate aerating gadgets out there. Your glass will feature a higher glass cavity which will pour your wine out through a number of the tiny holes. The increase in the wine’s flow will allow more oxygen to get through the wine at a faster rate; allowing you to drink straight away. Some even prefer to swirl the wine around the glass themselves to aerate the wine as they drink, but your guests will be risking a spill.

If you can, avoid leaving your wine out for too long – it really is a fine balance. Leaving your bottle open overnight will result in the wine tasting more acidic than it’s meant to.

How to Find You New Favourite Wine

If you’re finding that you fancy a change from your usual bottle of wine but don’t want to spend on something you might not like; finding a new favourite wine can be a challenge. With the average bottle of wine costing £8, it makes sense that you might want to look around before making your purchase. We’ve got a few things you can do before making your purchase to make sure you're getting the best value for money:

Join a wine club or get a subscription box - This is a great way to try new wine; delivered to you at discounted prices. Choose if you’d like to buy a one off case or even continue on a monthly subscription – it’s completely down to you. The great thing about subscription boxes are that you will often get guides and detailed snippets of information included, which will put you in the best position to learn more about your wine.

Wine tasting evenings – At first you might consider a night of wine tasting evening more of a luxury but when you think the range of wines you get to try, you’re actually saving quite a bit vs. buying by the bottle. You’ll be able to compare flavours easily with each variety right in front of you.

Visit a wine festival – This way, you can buy by glass and speak to the representatives of each wine producer who will be able to more about it. It will certainly make you think you’ve got the inside knowledge when it comes to buying your next bottle. A popular one is RAW wine festival, specialising in free from wines.

Follow blogs – Get feedback from other wine connoisseurs; what they like, what they didn’t like about it. You can get to know more about the lesser known Boutique South African wines or perhaps less widely available natural wines. This way you’ll often know more about up and coming wines before everyone else!

Visit your local wine store – Nope not your supermarket, your local store that specialises in wine.  Tell them what your tastes are and ask what they recommend. They can give your suggestions for everyday drinking or even something a bit more special to go with your meal at a dinner party. Wine is their job and they’d only be too glad to tell you about their range.

Friday, February 03, 2017

Calming your Dog Before Visiting the Grooming Salon

dog grooming Rhyl
For pampered pooches within North Wales, Hafod-Y-Bryn offer dog grooming near Rhyl. Their grooming studio is staffed by qualified groomers, who are able to cater to dogs of all sizes and coat types.

Before visiting a grooming studio, your dog may feel a little anxious. Whether it’s the car journey or having their fur snipped by someone their not familiar with – there are ways to ensure your dog is as calm as possible before and during the visit.

Home Grooming

Grooming your dog at home before taking them to a professional can help them get used to the sensations and sounds they will experience at a grooming studio. It also gives a good indication of what your dog really isn’t comfortable with, so you can inform the groomer or perhaps invest in a muzzle.

If you are concerned about the temperament of your dog around new people, having a visitor or friend comb your dog will help to determine how your dog reacts to someone who isn’t his owner combing him.

Give Them Treats

Positive reinforcement is a great way to train your dog, as well as getting him used to new experiences. Positive reinforcement involves giving them a treat every time they display a good behaviour, or whenever they’re in a situation which could be potentially stressful for them – for example, being in the car.

They will then associate these once stressful situations with receiving tasty treats, and are likely to respond more positively towards them on future occasions.

Stay With Them

One way to keep your dog calm whilst they’re being groomed is to stay close by to them throughout. If your dog has a particularly nervous disposition, talking to your dog may help to relax them during the grooming process.

Ask for Silent Clippers

Some dogs are particularly sensitive to sound, especially when it comes to clippers. There are options available for silent clippers, which allow a dog to be clipped without the typical snipping sounds. If your dog is uncomfortable with the sound of clipping, it’s worth asking your groomer whether they have any silent clippers available in the studio.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Celebrating Valentines at The Groes Inn

Valentines is soon approaching, and with two weeks left, it might be time to start looking for gift idea for your other half. It’s true that perhaps we should show we care throughout the whole year, but with so many great offers on chocolates, gifts and hotels during February – it would be rude not to take advantage of them.

The Groes Inn is no exception to great valentine’s offers. Situated close to the Snowdonia National Park, this hotel in Conwy offers it’s every one of its guest’s great food, stunning views and most importunately of all – exceptional comfort.

Next month, The Groes Inn is offering a very special Valentine’s package which is between the dates of Monday the 13th of February up to Thursday the 16th.

Their classic standard rooms are priced at only £180 for the three nights, and the package also includes dinner from their exclusive Valentine's Day menu. But that’s not all – you’ll also receive a breakfast every morning from the award-winning restaurant, as well as a free bottle of prosecco.

 If you feel like indulging a little further, there’s also a chance for an upgrade. Their ground floor and balcony rooms are available for only £240, which includes all of the same indulgent additions from the original package.

Each of the twelve rooms in The Groes Inn has been decorated individually and elegantly.
You’ll find all the modern luxuries we all love inside each room – flat screen televisions, Temple Spa toiletries and luxurious goliath-sized beds.

You’ll experience fantastic views of the Snowdonia National Park from your window, a tranquil and picturesque setting which is perfect for a cosy romantic break away.

If you’ve been intrigued by the special Valentine’s menu, here’s a sneak peek of what to expect from the menu. The tasty starters will include a home-made leek and potato soup and a chef’s chicken liver with brandy and herb pate accompanied with fruit chutney and toasted brioche – amongst a few others.

Moving onto the mains, why not treat yourself to a rack of Welsh Lamb with a rich red wine sauce, Lemon sole with a prawn and tarragon cream or perhaps a creamy Pappardelle pasta topped with chestnuts, grilled goats cheese and an accompaniment of garlic bruschetta?

The special Valentines menu is also available to non-residents of the hotel, and is priced at £30 per person.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Wine; The Ideal Party Gift

It’s a favourite gift for many at a party, as well as gesture of good will. Many use this opportunity to offer up a firm favourite of their own in the hope that they might serve this. Others might like to see it as a reflection of their personal taste. But what about giving natural wine as a gift? Many artisan wine producers are going back to their roots and are producing wine the old fashioned way. And we’ve got five reasons why your next wine purchase should be a natural product:

It’s different – This shouldn’t be your only reason but it’s certainly a reason to give it a try. Like any drink product without the unnecessary additives and chemicals it’s going to taste a little different to what you’re used to. Now might be the right time to give it a try…

It’s better for you – Regular wine will go through a rigorous chemical process and although producers claim that in small quantities these chemicals cause no harm – not taking them in at all will always be better for you. A more natural wine is much better for your health and will help you avoid those horrible hangovers you so often get from cheaper wines.

It takes more skill to make – Unlike ordinary wine, natural wine takes a great deal of skill and patience to harvest the best grapes suitable to make a quality final product. That being said, the amount of physical labour that goes natural wine also increases, due to needing more grapes to create the same amount of wine.

Value for money – Although some natural wines can be a pricier than your regular wine, you will most likely be getting better value from your natural wine. This is because most natural wine producers operate outside of the appellation system which is so often used as a reason to mark-up wine. You’re also getting more natural grape product for your buck in comparison to any other ordinary wine.

It’s better for the environment – if you care about the environment, then this will be the wine for you.  Without the use of pesticides, the land, surrounding water and animals will stay healthy. In some parts of the world, where grapes grow easily, you might think that pesticides are unnecessary. But buy going natural you are choosing to support those who work to protect the environment as well as make a better quality product.   

Monday, January 23, 2017

Thinking of a new bathroom?

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that parts of your home are dated. The bathroom is unquestionably the worst part of your home to feel past it’s prime. For lots of us, the bathroom provides a place to relax and unwind – soothing the pressures of the day away with a good, hot bath (or a shower, if you’d prefer!) – and should be enjoyed. Your thoughts immediately going toward a certain suite you can’t stand the look of isn’t exactly relaxing, and as such, using the bathroom instead of being a nice experience can just make you consider everything else that needs to be done in order to make your house a home.

But where to start?

No doubt you’ve seen countless advertised DIY shops that offer reasonable prices on a load of suites, but where do you go to make sure that your bathroom is very much your own, designed for your specifications, rather than looking like a generic pre-installed set? RN Williams is a Plumbers merchant in St Asaph North Wales, and can offer you exactly what you want at a very competitive price.

Furthermore, RN Williams offer a full bathroom design service with absolutely no obligation. It’s easy to get confused when you’re in the act of looking for a new bathroom. There’s so much to think about, you can often find yourself overwhelmed by choice – as well as pushy salespeople. Let RN Williams deal with the hassle of design, and you can focus on what you want the end product to be.

For bathrooms in Conwy or beyond, they're simply the best.

With a selection of absolutely fantastic bathrooms, shower cubicles and wetrooms, fitted vanity furniture, whirlpool baths and steamrooms, as well as everything else you’d ever need to make your bathroom unique such as taps, tiles, and of course accessories such as mirrors, cabinets, shower curtains and toothbrush holders, you’ll be very well served by popping in for a quick visit.

RN Williams is located within Chester Street in the city of St Asaph, in North Wales. Whether you’re coming locally or from further afield, you can’t miss them as they’re very close to the A55.