Friday, May 26, 2017

Range Cookers: The Ultimate Cooker for Dinner Parties?

range cookers north wales
If you absolutely love cooking and baking, but just never feel like you have enough room to cook everything to the level of perfection that you’d like – it might be time for you to invest in a range cooker.

There’s nothing more stressful whilst cooking than trying to ensure that everything cooks at the same time, and often with smaller cookers this means juggling your pans and trays around until the very last moment.

The Sunday roast is an excellent example of this. At the very least, you’ve got the meat, roasties, vegetables and Yorkshire puddings to make sure all come out of the oven piping hot and thoroughly cooked – and all at the same time. Imagine having enough room to simply have everything on its own shelf and hob, and with enough room to keep all the plates nice and hot whilst you entertain your guests.

Whether you host dinner parties once a week, or perhaps just once in awhile on special occasions, a range cooker can be a true blessing to any kitchen. Typically featuring multiple ovens and over four hobs, you’ll have more than enough room for each individual dish – starters, mains and desserts!

For range cookers in North Wales, RN Williams have an excellent collection of stove brands for sale, including the much coveted and iconic AGA stoves which have been the centrepiece of so many kitchens for over 80 years.

range cookers north wales
Range cookers are the go-to choice for so many skilled and celebrity chefs, and after you’ve experienced the ease of using one, it’s likely you’ll never want to go back to using a traditional cooker again.

Range cookers can be found in a variety of sizes, colours and fuel types, so you can find one which looks right at home in your kitchen.

Many range cooker styles have maintained their charming and traditional look, but there are plenty of contemporary cookers to suit those with modern kitchens.

You might find that having your very own range cooker will encourage you to be the host of regular dinner parties, as you’ll find that cooking becomes more of a joy than a chore since there’s so little for you to stress about.

Range cookers are renowned for their ability to maintain the perfect heat for prolonged periods of time, meaning each and every dish you create can be cooked to absolute perfection – providing you supply the right ingredients!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Tyn Rhos Country House in Snowdonia

Graded as 5 star accommodation by Visit Wales, the Ty’n Rhos Country House just between Bangor and Caernarfon is a rare find in North Wales. As a luxury boutique Caernarfon hotel with so very much to offer and opulent luxury throughout every single aspect of this gorgeous Country House, it’s very much one of a kind in the North Wales area.

While indeed there are a number of North Wales hotels which indeed are something special, the standards of the Ty’n Rhos Country House Hotel are so very difficult to beat. We’ve found nothing that can compare to the high attention to detail and wonderfully friendly staff of this gorgeous country house hotel – no matter what region we look within.

The location of the Ty’n Rhos Country House Hotel is absolutely ideal too – this beautiful building is the perfect base for your adventures as it is both a stone’s throw away from the beautiful towns of Bangor and Caernarfon – both historic and both well worth a wander or three. Snowdonia National Park is easily accessible from the fabulous Ty’n Rhos – which ensures that half of your day isn’t wasted in transit to this lovely area.

What makes the Ty’n Rhos Country House so special in a slew of North Wales hotels? It’s very high attention to detail that makes all the difference.  The rooms have been designed beautifully, and there’s nothing about these fantastic spaces which are drab or dreary, with the finest of the finest bedding and furniture being utilised in order to create bedrooms that’ll no doubt give you a series of ideas for your own!

The Ty’n Rhos has a wonderful restaurant in Caernarfon which is absolutely wonderful. This high quality fine dining restaurant benefits from a variety of little touches which certainly make the meal. The first of course is a brigade of Swiss trained chefs,  the second being the same attention to detail spent on the rooms as on the dining room, and the third no doubt being their fantastic gardens.

Situated on acres and acres of green countryside, the Tyn Rhos Country House has tamed the Welsh Countryside in order to create gardens that, despite their large size and their very expansive nature, offer so much on strolls. Should the weather be fine, you’re also invited to take your meal al fresco on their beautiful patio.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

St Tudno Hotel Llandudno – Rooms just as beautiful as the View

Getting a good seafront view is very important when you stay in a Llandudno Hotel, and there are a number of them which are primed to supply perfect views of the beach. We were fortunate enough to stay at the St Tudno Seafront Hotel in Llandudno in order to gauge the views that we would experience at such an enviable spot in Llandudno – right by the pier and the busiest part of town, with all manner of goings on all around us.  

The views were wonderful, there were no two ways about it. The St Tudno Seafront Hotel in Llandudno almost certainly deserves its name – for the astounding quality of the views we got from their very pretty Lorina suite were worth the price of the 3 nights stay we experienced anyway.

Perhaps it was the weather, but the sea was absolutely superb, and gave us many contented hours of just simply staring at the vast expanse of limitless blue all around us. Perhaps it was the prettiness of Llandudno – we haven’t been to a single seaside resort in the UK which looked quite as well maintained and as well looked after as this.

Saying that, we were able to find things which were even better than the views from this beautiful Seafront hotel in Llandudno.

What we did find was exclusive to St Tudno Hotel itself – it has a fantastic little Terrace Restaurant in Llandudno, which serves a variety of fantastic food. There was so much to choose from at the Terrace – whether we were in the mood for light bites (which to be fair, were still pretty substantial and not thrown together as you’d expect in a pub – the pan fried pigeon in particular is to die for).

The attention to detail and the service at the St Tudno Hotel in Llandudno was absolutely wonderful, too. The owners and manager, and their team work so very well together, and are absolutely charming. They were full of tips and little pieces of wisdom about Llandudno and the area around it as well, and even offer a full concierge service which will transport you (in a Jaguar, no less!) to most locations around the North Wales area. If you would like, they can also take you home to your front door in this (elegant) beast of a car too.

We adore this lovely little hotel, and can highly recommend it to any visitor to Llandudno.

Planning for a Borneo Trekking Holiday

So you’ve decided on a Borneo trekking holiday, and it’s very likely you’ve begun looking at all of the exciting places and tours you’re planning to go on.

What’s most important is that you start planning on packing sensibly and preparing yourself for the adventures ahead.

If you’re planning on taking on the challenge of Mt. Kinabalu (the highest peak in Borneo at 4,096m tall!) you might need to train a little beforehand.

Of course, if you’re travelling from the UK then there’s no way to prepare yourself for trekking in the heat of Borneo, but ensuring that you maintain a good fitness level before you arrive will make the journey much more bearable.

If you’ve bought new walking boots for your holiday, make sure that you’ve broken them in before arriving in Borneo to reduce the chances of procuring some very nasty blisters. It’s also a good idea to practice walking with your rucksack.

It’s essential to buy travel insurance before your holiday. It may seem obvious, but many people neglect to do this and often end up with a costly bill after even minor accidents abroad.

Travel insurance can be relatively cheap if you shop around, and it gives you a sense of security whilst on your holidays.

Do some research into which vaccines you might need. A quick vaccine at your local doctors can save you from serious conditions and diseases such as tetanus and rabies. The last thing you want is your holiday cut short from a nasty cut or bites from a wild animal, so it’s always best to prepare yourself.

If you’re looking to trek deep into the Borneo jungle, it’s not the best idea to attempt this alone. If you choose to trek with a reputable tour company, it means that you will be taken along the safest paths by guides who are very familiar with the area – making it a whole lot safer.

Trekking with a guide also means that you’ll be able to find out first-hand knowledge about the area and receive beneficial advice. This could be the safest routes to travel on, or perhaps the best places to eat!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A Luxury Wedding Venue in Snowdonia

Luxury Wedding Venues
A romantic exclusive wedding venue, gourmet meals, beautiful ceremony rooms; stunning scenery and surroundings are all on offer from the perfect wedding venue in Snowdonia.

Snowdonia’s wild, breathtaking beauty gives it the perfect atmosphere for a luxury wedding with all the trimmings. Whether you want it to be traditional, modern, themed or chic you can find the best setting in Snowdonia for your big day.

Weddings should be all about joy, glamour and most importantly you! There is a wedding venue in Snowdonia that lets you express your individual style while taking the stress out of your wedding.

Talhenbont Hall is the perfect place for your dream wedding, with outstanding ceremony room, self-catering cottages in Snowdonia for your guests to enjoy, in addition, there is over 80 acres of land all to enjoy and explore.

The whole estate is available exclusively for you to use up to 3 days. You have the choice of a 1 day/1 night option. Alternatively, you can stay for 2 days/2 nights, arriving on the eve of your wedding and having the estate until the afternoon following your wedding. What could be better? You and your guests enjoying the celebrations over 3 days. Our award winning caterers can provide dinner on the night before your big day as well as breakfasts for your guests….making the most of your wedding celebrations.

There are so many choices of food, ceremony room and you can shape it all to suit you! Choose delectable, luxury canapés and garnish the room with your favourite colour scheme.

A truly fairytale wedding is achievable at this wedding venue in Snowdonia so let your dreams come true.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

So You’re About to Buy A Stove

Good for you! There are a series of wood burning stove manufacturers out there, and no doubt you’re feeling somewhat overwhelmed by just how many brands there are, what they can do, and how they can benefit your home.

 When it comes to wood burning stoves in particular, there are a great many on offer, with offerings in a variety of styles, sizes, and shapes which can allow you to match your ideal stove to any kind of room.

While this might sound like quite a minefield considering how many stoves there are on offer, it’s actually quite a good thing! You can be more than certain that you don’t have to settle for second best when it comes to a wood burning stove, and can get the most bang for your buck with a variety of different ones based on what you need and also your personal tastes.  

For instance, the following Gazco Gas Stove is an absolute steal – the Marlborough small can heat up small to medium rooms with absolutely no problems whatsoever, and the medium can manage even the largest of rooms.

If wood burning stoves are more your thing, then the Villager wood burning stove brand offers the best of both worlds. Villager wood burning stoves are traditionally crafted, exceptional to look at, and even better – are a very reasonable price. With a Villager wood burning stove you get an awful lot for your money, and can heat anything from the smallest of rooms, to open plan living spaces.

While it might be tempting to go for offbrand stoves, it’s imperative when it comes to heating your house that you have something that comes with a guarantee, and we hope that the choices above have proved that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a lot when it comes to selecting the perfect wood burning stove for your home.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Enjoy a wide selection of craft ales at the Meadowsweet Hotel

Summer is here, and it’s beer garden time! Absolutely nothing could be better than sitting outside in the garden at this time of year, enjoying the sun and enjoying life – and the Meadowsweet Hotel in Snowdonia can provide just that - as well as a number of fantastic new offerings which are certain to be the icing on the cake.

Take their brand new Craft Beer menu, for instance. This menu is very much the spirit of the Meadowsweet Hotel in its entirety – the perfect mixture of offerings from both Wales, and America. You’ll enjoy some real gems such as Welsh Gold – a popular golden session ale, Chwaden Aur, which is a treat indeed – golden orange and with a lacy head. Chwaden Aur allows for a long fruity finish, thanks to its citrus flavour. Otherwise, the Meadowsweet Hotel has the Cwrw Ysgawen, or Purple Moose Ale – which is wonderfully refreshing thanks to a hint of elderflower.

The American side of the Meadowsweet Hotel’s selection of straw – golden ales is just as impressive, and it certainly looks like whoever has selected these offerings has wonderful taste. Honey Fayre is a golden ale with malt flavours balanced by a lingering bitterness that just cries out for another pint. Buckskin Blonde is an easy-drinking beer, which finishes cleanly and in a crisp fashion. If more hops is your thing, you’ll adore the Palomino pale ale – which finishes nice and bitter, as well as the Sierra Nevada pale ale which uses whole-cane American hops.

The Meadowsweet Hotel in Snpowdonia has a fantastic reputation, and is far more than a simple hotel. The side business, Lle Hari, a fabulous restaurant in Llanrwst is famed in the area for its amazing food, which matches traditional Welsh cooking with classic American service, and we quite simply can’t recommend it enough.    

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Bluetooth Car Kits for Safer Driving

The investment of hands free mobile phone accessory can make life easier for anybody, helping you carry out business on the go and keep you connected anytime, anywhere.

A hands free Bluetooth car accessory offers a solution to any problems you would have without one of these fantastic pieces of kit.

Bluetooth car kits North Wales will keep you following the law and stops you from illegally operating a mobile phone whilst driving.

The risk a driver takes when operating a mobile phone in the car, fumbling around for the phone or attempting to untangle a wire is large and incredibly dangerous.

No matter how confident you are in your driving ability, accidents can happen, so it’s always best to avoid doing things which will take your attention way from the road.

The installation of hands free car kit allows the driver to quickly and safely identify the call and take it through a much safer manner whilst in the car. The sound quality of hands free allows calls to be heard easily at both ends due to improved technology and quality of different models.

With the new driving law now in place, being caught driving with a mobile phone in hand can end up costing you a hefty fine – and six points on your licence. This means that new drivers face an automatic ban if caught using their phone whilst on the road.

DJH Communications offer a range of Bluetooth car kits and accessories with full installation services on any product. As well as the popular hands free car kits, Gemini Tech offers other products helping vehicle security and efficiency, including GPS tracking devices.

With 20 years of experience within the communications industry, DJH Communications are able to advise you on which services and products will best suit your personal requirements.